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Sustainable Seafood

Hong Food takes pride in our best-selling quality prawns from sustainable sources. Together with advanced food processing technology, rigorous food safety standards and modern supply-chain management, consumers will get to enjoy the fresh taste of prawns harvested from the pristine coasts of South East Asia.



Natural Pristine Environments

Hong Food’s best selling prawn products are cultivated in natural pristine environments by the coasts of South East Asia.

The prawns are cultivated in large lagoons of seawater, the shrimps’ natural habitat. We monitor the quality of the seawater, which is kept fresh by the tidal exchange. The prawns are protected from predators and feed on their natural food – micro-organisms in the seawater.

The prawn are allowed to mature naturally until they are ready for harvest. While the cycle takes longer, the prawn are not fed with commercial feed and we also do not use antibiotics or medicines.



 No Compromise

In recent years, with the growing public concern about depleting natural sources of seafood, many restaurants have begun to purchase seafood from sustainable sources. Sustainable seafood comes from sources that can maintain or increase production in the future without compromising the ecosystems from which it was acquired.