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Chinese Poetry – Treasure of the Sea – Tiger Prawns


Established since 1980, HONG FOOD is a leading supplier of quality seafood and meat products to restaurants and hotels in Singapore. We believe that providing high quality products is paramount to our success and the satisfaction of our customers.

We are all about Fresh Frozen Seafood Products:

  • Prawns: Black tiger prawns, white shrimp (head-on, peeled tail-on, peel deveined) , cooked prawns
  • Fish: Cream Dory Fillet, Salmon, Cod, Sea Perch and others
  • Shellfish: Scallops, soft-shell crab, octopus, crab meat and others

From Port to Plate

  • Import, export, wholesale and distribution of frozen seafood directly from harvest to factory.
  • Processing of seafood products using advanced processing technology.

We export directly to customers in Asia Pacific.